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If you have a station you want to share with the world let us know! The Bat Player's directory is always looking for the best of internet radio to feature. The more unique the better.

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Nothing is perfect. While I hope The Bat Player works for you it's possible something that isn't up to par. So here's some tips. If you're experiencing issues the first place to check is our status page at
  • Like anything else in software a reboot of your AppleTV/Roku and/or an uninstall and reinstall of The Bat Player is the best first troubleshooting method. Though if you do run into something that requires this I'd be interested to hear what happened.
  • If a station won't play try putting the URL of the audio stream in your web browser. Do you get audio?
  • Keep in mind a URL to actual audio is different than a M3U or PLS playlist file. A playlist consists URLs to actual audio.
  • Some stations don't provide any information about what is being played at a given time. In this case The Bat Player can't give you anything either. This is a sad scenario. If you have a station you think is providing data I'd be happy to take a look to see if The Bat Player isn't doing the right thing in this case.
  • If you're having problems with the Philips Hue lighting setup make sure your lighting bridge is available on the same network, and make sure you push the little button on the bridge when the setup page asks you to.

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